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Rubber seated non-pin Drive Butterfly Valve

The concentric or zero-offset valves, resilient-seated butterfly valves are widely favored for specialty liquid and gas applications. The comprehensive EMV's product line includes general purpose and specialty valves up to 72 inches. All of the resilient-seated valves feature tight-tolerance bodies, resilient seals, simplified field maintenance and durable impact/corrosion-resistant materials for maximum life.

High Performance BFV

Known as high-performance butterfly valves, double-offset valves feature two offset stems that offer especially long life due to reduced contact between valve discs and seats. This type of valve can be especially helpful if your operations involve higher pressures and particulate fluids.

EMV's line of double-offset butterfly valves include the Elite 400 and EMV High Performance series. Built on the most advanced technology currently available in the valve industry, these rugged valves are designed to offer improved safety and maximum life even in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. All of our high-performance valves are manufactured to the highest industry technical standards that include the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and other international standards of quality.

Triple Offiset

For the most demanding applications in your drilling activities, triple-offset butterfly valves are essential for high pressures and high-temperature that require metal vs. soft seats. Their compact size, lighter weight and simplified operation can also make them a better choice than standard gate valves.

EMV's line of triple-offset butterfly valves are meticulously engineered for superior sealing under challenging process conditions involving extreme pressures, high temperatures and dirty fluids. The Extreme 6000 series increases sealing capacity, reduces friction/running torque between discs and seats and achieves uniform compressive sealing around an entire seat. With zero leakage in both directions at full-pressure ratings and high-temperature sealing capacity, these valves are ideal to replace globe and gate valves in applications requiring tight shutoff.

Dual Wafer Check Valve

Used primarily to prevent reverse flow through pipes, efficient double-door (or non-return) check valves play an especially important role in protecting pumps and compressors. Without the automatic action of quality check valves, internal equipment damage can lead to costly full-stops in your drilling operations.

EMV's double-door wafer check valves offers a sleek, low-profile design that perfectly suits tight spaces. Designed to protect pumping equipment, boost energy savings, reduce maintenance and increase uptime, these thin valves are heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant. Careful manufacturing and innovative features ensure long life and positive sealing even in extreme drilling conditions.

All of our valves meet or exceed industry specifications including the American Petroleum Industry (API) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Pneumatic Actuator 

EMV’s pneumatic actuators are versatile and rugged with multiple streamlined sizes that keep operations simple and cost-effective. Easily tolerating heavy loads, they also provide high force and speed to sustain constant pressures, making them durable and safer to operate


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