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396/397 2”-72” Rubber Seated Butterfly

EMV 396/397 product series features general purpose resilient-seated butterfly valves that are especially suitable for dead-end service. With one-piece bodies in wafer or full-lug styles, they are available in multiple configurations and corrosion-resistant materials that increase working life and simplify field maintenance.

EMV valves meet rigorous industry standards that include the American Petroleum Institute (API), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

  • General purpose

  • Two- to 72-inch sizes

  • Rated to 200 PSI

  • One-piece body

  • Wafer-style body (396)

  • Full-lug-style body (397)

  • Semi-lug with locating holes not tapped (396)

  • Full-lug drilled (397)

  • Stub shaft design with internal drive so stems can be removed/replaces without special tools

  • Bonded seat design with EPDM* or Buna-N rubbers (other materials on request)

  • Long neck for insulation requirements

  • Disc: 316 stainless steel, aluminum bronze, Nylon 11-coated ductile iron, nickel-plated ductile iron

  • Teflon graphite-impregnated stem brushing

  • Compliance: API (598/609 Category A), ANSI Class 125/150, ASME (16.1/16.5/16.34/MSS SP-67)

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