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400 Series Double Offset High Performance Butterfly

  • Two- to 24-inch sizes

  • Wafer and lugged designs

  • Underneath drawn gland packing for easy adjustment and direct actuation mounting

  • Direct-mount operation

  • Positive stem retention system above packing

  • 316 stainless steel (SS) bearings for long service life

  • Heavy-duty seat retainer plate/cap screws

  • Leak-resistant seat retainer seal

  • Offset disc taper pins for greater yield point than stem

  • Machined disc position stop for maximum seat and seal life

  • 316 SS disc for quick release from seat, lowered torqued, smooth operation

  • Maximum strength stem for high-torque applications

  • Compliance includes: API 598/607/609/MSS-SP-68 standards

  • Compliance to API 641, ISO 15848-1 & ISO 15848-2 available upon request

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