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Triple Offset High Performance Butterfly

  • Two- to 60-inch sizes

  • Field-repairable body and disc seats

  • High-temperature graphite stem packing to prevent fugitive emissions and fire hazards

  • Internal keyed and pinned connection to align disc seal to body seat

  • One-piece shaft for resistance to full bi-directional pressure/vacuum service

  • API-certified fire-safe design for zero leakage before/during/after fire

  • Wafer, lug, double-flanged, butt-welded, short- and long-gate valve takeout

  • Cryogenic* and high-temperature options available

  • Compliant to ANSI 150/300/600 standards

  • Compliant to API 598/607/609 standards

  • Compliance to API 641, ISO 15848-1 & ISO 15848-2 available upon request

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